Updated April 2023

Have your say on the new restrictions

As part of our agreed monitoring period, we are now seeking views and comments from residents who live in Ellenbrook. A survey was open until Sunday 12th March 2023. We will publish our findings and any required remedial action later in April/May 2023.


What happened previously


On 10th March 2022, a report relating to these proposals and the objections made were considered by the Cabinet Planning and Parking Panel. Details can be found at Cabinet Planning and Parking Panel - Thursday, 10th March 2022 at 7:30pm - Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council Webcasting (public-i.tv)

The cross-party Panel agreed to progress with these proposals. 


All objections and comments were recorded and duly considered along with the Parking Services report. 507 properties were consulted of which 218 responded, with nine formal objections received overall. Further details regarding the meeting including the report presented and objection responses can be found at: https://democracy.welhat.gov.uk/documents/s18780/Item 5b - TRO Ellenbrook.pdf


As the decision to proceed with the parking restrictions as advertised was unanimous, an executive member decision was made on 6 April 2022 and this can be viewed online at: https://democracy.welhat.gov.uk/mgIssueHistoryHome.aspx?IId=18760&Opt=0


The notice of making of Order was advertised in the Welwyn Hatfield Times on 18 May 2022. The restrictions came into effect on 4 July 2022.

Permit zones are as follows,


Zone B23 Mon to Sun 7am to 9pm parts of Ashbury Close,


Zone B24 Mon to Fri 10am to 4pm Parts of Selwyn Avenue, Selwyn Crescent, Selwyn Drive, St Albans Road West,


Zone B25 Mon to Fri 10am to 4pm Parts of Bramble Road, Poplar Avenue, Poplars Close, St Albans Road West


Double yellow lines and verge and footway prohibition will apply 24 hours a day 7 days a week.


Past details:

March 2021 - We began a parking consultation for residents within Ellenbrook area - roads within the consultation area are:

Ashbury Close, St Albans Road West, Selwyn Avenue, Selwyn Crescent, Selwyn Drive, Ellenbrook Lane, Ellenbrook Crescent, Haltside, The Sidings, Crossbrook, Bramble Road, Poplar Avenue and Poplars Close 

Survey closed on Friday 7th May 2021.

We sent a follow up letter in September 2021 gathering views on potential restrictions.