If you would like to alter or make improvements to your home, you need to get our permission first.

We recognise that you may like to make alterations and improvements to your home and we usually grant permission as long as your request meets our requirements.

Before submitting an application, please make sure that you have read our guidance on what is classed as an improvement or alteration.

Any improvements and alterations which fall outside of our usual repairs and planned improvement programmes will need to be paid for by you.

Applying for permission

To submit an application, we need know:

  • the type of alteration you're making
  • any supporting documentation (including plans)
  • your contact details

We may need to contact you after you have submitted your application to request further sketches, plans and other specifications where appropriate.

For any gas or electrical works, you will need to provide your contractor's registration details as applications cannot be considered without this information.

Start an application

Tenants who do not apply for permission

If you have not applied for permission before carrying out alteration works you will be required to do so retrospectively. You may also be required to:

  • re-instate the property to its original condition
  • carry out further works to bring it up to a required standard
  • pay a recharge for the council to carry out repair work.

Alterations with health and safety issues

If we are made aware of an alteration where there is a major health and safety issue, we will arrange all necessary works to make safe. The cost of the work and any associated costs will be recharged back to you.

Poor workmanship

If the work carried out is not of a reasonable standard and we have to reinstate or make good any works carried out after you leave the property, you will be recharged for this work.

What happens if you move

Permanent fixtures like baths and toilets become our property and must be left if you move. You may be able to get compensation from us for improvements that you have made when you leave but not all alterations and improvements qualify for this.


We may give permission for you to carry out works such as window or door replacements; however this does not remove your responsibility under the terms of your lease to contribute towards block charges should we undertake a programme of improvements to your block.

Council home improvements and alterations