Additional policy information and guidance relating to the the Land North of Bradmore Way planning application appeal.

Icon for pdf 8.01 Ministerial Statement 19 January 2021

Icon for pdf 8.02 South West Hertfordshire Strategic Housing Market Assessment January 2016_Redacted

Icon for pdf 8.03 DfT Inclusive Mobility December 2005

Icon for pdf 8.04 Homes England Strategic Plan 2018 to 2023_Redacted

Icon for pdf 8.05 Housing White Paper - Fixing our broken housing market February 2017_Redacted

Icon for pdf 8.06 DfT Manual for Streets_Redacted

Icon for pdf 8.07 Minister of State for Housing RESI Convention 16 September 2019

Icon for pdf 8.08 PM Speech to National Housing Federation 19 September 2018

Icon for pdf 8.09 Guidelines for Providing for Journeys on Foot Section 3

Icon for pdf 8.10 The Autumn Budget 2017

Icon for pdf 8.11 The Conservative and Unionist Party Manifesto 2019

Icon for pdf 8.12 WHBC Supplementary Design Guidance 2005

Icon for pdf 8.13 PPG Reference ID 61-062-20190315

Icon for pdf 8.14 PPG Para 001 Ref ID 64-001-20190722

Icon for pdf 8.15 Welwyn Hatfield Planning Obligations Supplementary Planning Document February 2012

Icon for pdf 8.16 Hertfordshire Landscape Character Appraisal 2005

Icon for pdf 8.17 Planning obligations guidance toolkit for Hertfordshire January 2008_Redacted

Icon for pdf 8.18 Guide to Developer Infrastructure Contributions February 2021

Icon for pdf 8.19 Watling Chase Community Forest Plan 1995

Icon for pdf 8.20 Watling Chase Community Forest Plan Review 2001

Icon for pdf 8.21 Watling Chase Community Forest A Guide for Landowners Developers and Users

Icon for pdf 8.22 National Planning Policy Framework 2012

Icon for pdf 8.23 National Planning Policy Framework 2021

Icon for pdf 8.24 Written Ministerial Statement issued in December 2015 by the Minister of State for Housing and Planning Rt Hon Brandon Lewis MP

Icon for pdf 8.25 Roads in Hertfordshire Highway Design Guide 3rd Edition Section 4 Design Standards and Advice

Icon for pdf 8.26 National Character Area Profile 111 Northern Thames Basin

Icon for pdf 8.27 Hertfordshire County Council's LTP4 Policy 5

Icon for pdf 8.28 Manual for Streets 2

Icon for pdf 8.29 WHBC Housing Development & Strategy Services Manager comment (1 July 2022)

Icon for pdf 8.30 White Paper Planning for the Future 6 August 2020

Icon for pdf 8.31 House of Commons Debate (24 October 2013)

Icon for pdf 8.32 Children's Commissioner report Bleak House - Tackling the Crisis of Family Homelessness in England August 2019

Icon for pdf 8.33 Shelter report Denied the Right to a Safe Home - Exposing the Housing Emergency May 2021

Icon for pdf 8.34 Shelter report Unlocking Social Housing - How to fix the rules that are holding back building April 2022

Icon for pdf 8.35 WHBC Housing Homelessness and Rough Sleeping Strategy 2019-2024

Icon for pdf 8.36 WHBC Planning Obligations SPD February 2012

Icon for pdf 8.37 WHBC Corporate Plan 2021-2024

Icon for pdf 8.38 Written Ministerial Statement 5 December 2022

Icon for pdf 8.39 SoS for Levelling Up Housing & Communities 5 December 2022

Icon for pdf 8.40 Shelter Briefing Cost of Living Crisis and the Housing Emergency (September 2022)

Icon for pdf 8.41 House of Commons ‘Rising Cost of living in the UK’ (November 2022)

Icon for pdf 8.42 PPG Reference ID 63-001-20190626

Icon for pdf 8.43 Landscape Institute Technical Guidance Note 06-19 Visual Representation

Icon for pdf 8.44 Landscape Institute Technical Note 02-21 Assessing Landscape Value Outside National Designations

Icon for pdf 8.45 Herts CC Landscape Character Area Extracts April 2022

8.46 TBC

Icon for pdf 8.47 Landscape East 2010 - East of England Landscape Character Typology

Icon for pdf 8.48 Levelling up and Regeneration Bill Reforms to National Planning Policy

Icon for pdf 8.49 National Planning Policy Framework Consultation