Miscellaneous documents relating to the Land North of Bradmore Way planning application appeal.

Icon for pdf 12.01 North Mymms History Project - A Modern History of Brookmans Park 1700-1950

Icon for pdf 12.02 A Brief History of Brookmans Park Mansion

Icon for pdf 12.03 50th Anniversary Brochure Brookmans Golf Club

Icon for pdf 12.04 Northaw Road East, Cuffley Decision Notice 31.03.2022

Icon for pdf 12.05 Northaw Road East, Cuffley Committee Report 29.01.2021

Icon for pdf 12.06 Northaw Road East, Cuffley Site Location Plan 2271-A-1100-B

Icon for pdf 12.07 Northaw Road East, Cuffley Illustrative Master Plan 2271-C-1005-B

Icon for pdf 12.08 Land off Bullens Green Lane, Colney Heath Appellant's Opening and Closing Submissions

Icon for pdf 12.09 Land off Bullens Green Lane, Colney Heath Site Location Plan 17981-1002

Icon for pdf 12.10 Land off Bullens Green Lane, Colney Heath Proposed Illustrative Plan 17981-1005 Rev F

Icon for pdf 12.11 Land off Bullens Green Lane, Colney Heath Landscape Strategy Plan Rev B

Icon for pdf 12.12 Land off Bullens Green Lane, Colney Heath Reserved Matters Decision Notice 08.11.2022

Icon for pdf 12.13 JAMA Internal Medicine Covid 19 Research

Icon for pdf 12.14 CPEC Projections of Older People with Dementia November 2019

Icon for pdf 12.15 Humphry Repton - Brookmans Park Extract

Icon for pdf 12.16 Article 4 Direction Confirmed 06.05.2022 Class MA

Icon for pdf 12.17 Article 4 Employment Confirmed 26.01.2022 Class ZA

Icon for pdf 12.18 Article 4 Final Confirmed 17.09.2020 Class O

Icon for pdf 12.19 Minutes of Castle Point Special Council Meeting June 2022 determining to withdraw its LP

Icon for pdf 12.20 Report to Castle Point Special Council Meeting in June 2022

Icon for pdf 12.21 Minutes of Basildon Full Council Meeting March 2022 confirming the withdrawal of its LP

Icon for pdf 12.22 Correspondence from the Housing Minister Stuart Andrew MP to Basildon advising them not to withdraw their Plan

Icon for pdf 12.23 Basildon Plan Inspector’s letter insisting on consultation on Main Modifications

Icon for pdf 12.24 Minutes of Rutland Borough Special Council Meeting confirming withdrawal of its Plan

Icon for pdf 12.25 Report to Rutland Borough Special Council Meeting regarding its emerging Plan

Icon for pdf 12.26 Part S of Building Regulations

Icon for pdf 12.27 Bus Timetables for 200, 201, 242, 305, 355 and 610 Services

Icon for pdf 12.28 NMPC Parish Plan_Redacted

Icon for pdf 12.29 NMPC Parish Boundary Map

Icon for pdf 12.30 NMPC Overview of Parish Council

Icon for pdf 12.31 Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council Playing Pitch Strategy and Built Facilities Strategy 2020

Icon for pdf 12.32 Welwyn Hatfield Borough Green Infrastructure Plan 2011