Consent is needed from us before you carry out any works to your home if you live in the Welwyn Garden City Estate Management Scheme Area.

Work that requires consent from us includes:

  • extensions and alterations to the external appearance of any building (including addition of cladding, inserting new windows/doors, porches, conservatories and demolition works)
  • the erection of new buildings (ie garages, sheds and greenhouses)
  • the formation of hard surfaces (eg paths and driveways)
  • roof alterations (including addition and removal of dormer windows, roof lights, chimneys, and micro regeneration projects including wind turbines, solar panels and air conditioning units plus changing of materials)
  • Replacing doors and windows
  • a satellite dish or aerial
  • any advertisement
  • to change the use of a house to any other than as a single dwelling house (ie not for running a business or boarding house)
  • the storage of a boat, caravan or commercial vehicle on the frontage or within the garden
  • planting or creating any enclosure, wall, hedge or fence upon the boundary adjacent to an area of open frontage
  • any works to a tree more than 15ft or 4m in height
  • removal and works to hedgerows (except trimming).


Some works do not need consent:

  • installation of paths and hard standings in rear gardens
  • fences and walls between rear gardens
  • planting of trees, hedges or shrubs
  • house numbers or name plaques
  • repairs to existing buildings - Subject that the repairs being undertaken are 'like for like' in terms of materials and detailing
  • painting buildings provided the colour is in keeping with the colour of others in the neighbourhood.


Apply for Estate Management Scheme consent

  • The council has developed an Estate Management Scheme design guide to help provide guidance for planned works. The guide can be viewed at
  • Before you submit an application you can write to us to check if the works need consent. We can also give you advice on whether the works would get consent. There is no fee for this.
  • Some Estate Management Scheme applications may attract a fee Icon for pdf Estate Management Fees Table.  If works have been started or finished the fee is £242.
  • Any works seeking approval under the Estate Management Scheme, that are located along a property boundary, will require an application to be made by each individual property concerned.
  • Please refer to the Validation Checklist - Estate Management Scheme to ensure you provide all the information we need. Only the owner of the property, or an agent acting for you, can apply for Estate Management Consent.
  • Estate Management Scheme consent is separate from planning permission and building regulation approval, which may also be required. It's worth checking our Altering your home page.


What happens to an application

  • We will let you know if anything is missing. If we have everything, we aim to let you know which officer is dealing with your application within five working days.
  • A copy of your application and everything you send us will be put on our planning database.
  • We will write and ask your neighbours for their comments. Any comments received will be published online within five working days. Please read our Privacy notice for more details.
  • The officer dealing with your application will visit your property and/or contact you for more information.
  • The progress of the application and the council's decision will also be published online.
  • Often you will get a decision from us in about eight weeks. However, this may take longer if we receive objections or if the application needs changing.


A decision is taken on the application by the Head of Planning after looking at the Welwyn Garden City Estate Management Scheme Policies. Most applications are decided by the Head of Planning.