EvidenceDate PublishedReport Description
Icon for pdf Welwyn Hatfield BC AQ Technical Review FinalFebruary 2020

This report presents a summary of the key findings of a review carried out by Aecom (commissioned by the Council) of an Air Quality monitoring report and a review carried out by other parties

Icon for pdf Site Selection Paper Main Report

Icon for pdf Appendix A - Site Templates by Settlement

Icon for pdf Appendix B - Site Selection Maps


The Site Selection Background Paper 2019 provides a comprehensive summary of the site selection process followed by the Council when considering which sites should be proposed for allocation in the Local Plan. This paper was previously produced for both housing and employment sites in 2016 and a review of housing sites previously proposed for allocation in the Draft Local Plan 2016 are considered in this paper. This paper considers different options for the selection of sites and was presented as Appendix A to the officer's report to Cabinet Planning and Parking Panel on the 23rd and 29th January 2019. Members selected a different option which was informed by the analysis set out in this document.

Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment 2019

December 2019The Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment 2019 (HELAA) reviews the sites promoted through the Call for Sites in 2019. The primary aims of this document is to assess the suitability, availability, achievability and deliverability of sites promoted, some of these sites were previously assessed in the HELAA 2016 and other sites were newly promoted in 2019
Strategic Flood Risk Assessment - December 2019December 2019

This study assesses the flood risk from all types of flooding in the borough, taking into account the existing climate and predicted changes in the climate. The Level 2 Addendum contains a more thorough assessment of the sites submitted through the 'Call for Sites' process 2019. The Draft Local Plan sites were also screened and updated flood risk information has been applied.

Icon for pdf 1. Sequential Exception Test Report 2019

Icon for pdf 2. Sequential Exception Test 2019_Appendices A and B

December 2019This document, previously produced in June 2016 explains how the Council has applied the Flood Risk Sequential and Exception Test to the additional development sites promoted for allocation. The application of the sequential and exception test has been informed by the Council's Level 2 Strategic Flood Risk Assessment Addendum, published alongside this report.

Icon for pdf Technical Note – COMET Welwyn Hatfield Local Plan 2036 Options

October 2019

The Technical Note discusses the results of the COMET model runs of the Welwyn Hatfield Local Plan 2036 Options and compares the two options. The starting point for this task is the COMET 2036 Local Plan Run 4 and is therefore a reflection of cumulative impact within the county. The results are high level and should be reported at a strategic level.

Icon for pdf Green Gap Assessment Final Draft Report August 2019

August 2019

The Green Gap Assessment 2019 reviews land in the borough between settlements and provides an assessment of settlement gaps to explore the role specific gaps have in providing a sense of separation between settlements and for maintaining the settlement pattern and character. This assessment also identifies what impact development in a settlement gap might have and provides mitigation measures.  

Icon for pdf Welwyn_Hatfield_Landscape_Sensitivity_Assessment_with_Appendix - Part 1

Icon for pdf Welwyn_Hatfield_Landscape_Sensitivity_Assessment_with_Appendix - Part 2

July 2019

The Landscape Sensitivity Assessment, which complements the 2005 Landscape Character Assessment, focuses on the consideration of the extent to which residential development in different locations might impact on valued landscape characteristics.  Based on Landscape Character Areas, the study uses defined criteria to assess the attributes of the landscape most likely to be affected by development and considers both 'landscape' and 'visual ' aspects of sensitivity.'