You can pay to park in Welwyn Garden City using a range of payment options.

You can pay for parking using:

  • cash (coins only)
  • credit or debit card (chip and pin or contactless)
  • telephone - 0800 546 0601

Payments can be made at the pay stations located within each car park or online via the PayByPhone website or the PayByPhone app.

A 15p service charge is added to all payments taken by telephone and online via the PayByPhone website and app.

Free 30 minute parking

For a free 30 minute parking ticket:

  1. Enter your full registration details into the machine.

  2. Check that your registration is correct on the display then select the green OK/tick button.
    The OK button displayed on Pay and Display payment machines

  3. Select the green OK/tick button to confirm you only want the free 30 minute period.

  4. Take the ticket from the machine and display it in your vehicle.

Cash payments

The payment machines only accept coins if you wish to pay using cash.

No change is given for cash payments.

Insert the correct value of coins in to the payment machine for the period you would like to use the car park for. The machine will work out how long your stay will be by the amount of money you put in it.

Credit or debit card payments

The payment machines accept credit or debit card payments using chip and pin or contactless.

When presenting your card or device to make a contactless payment, you need to hold your card / device to the machine until it has confirmed that the transaction has gone through.

Please only remove your card/device when instructed by the machine to do so.

Telephone payments

Existing users will be prompted to enter the 4 or 5 digit location number, and parking time required. New users will be guided through a registration process.

Once you have had confirmation you may leave your vehicle. Parking details will be sent to the handheld units the Parking Enforcement Officers patrol with.

Extend your parking at any time. Simply call the number you dialled in Step 1. Your account will be recognised and you will be given the option to extend your parking session or to start a new one.