Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council is committed to improving parking conditions throughout the borough. As part of this work we are currently consulting with residents in Handside about introducing parking restrictions.

A parking study was conducted in July 2015. The study captured the following information:

  • Number of parked vehicles
  • Location of parked vehicles
  • Length of time parked 
  • Possible areas for additional parking

A Icon for pdf report has be produced providing an overview of the data captured, and depicting each road and the parking pressures at different times of the day.

Please note that  is subject to its own investigation.



In addition to the study, over 3000 parking questionnaires were delivered to all Handside residents and businesses in September 2015 which provided an opportunity to report any parking related issues they were experiencing in their roads. We received over 1200 completed questionnaires in response to the consultation questionnaire. The main issues reported were:

  • a high percentage of non-residents parking congestion impacting on available spaces for residents and their visitors
  • parking taking place on the verge and footway obstructing pedestrians and causing damage.


Next steps

A 'next steps' report was presented to the Cabinet Housing and Planning Panel on 17th March 2016, recommending that Handside be divided into separate areas for consultation.


Work Programme

Handside residents will be consulted in the following order: