Guide to the display of advertisements, signs, banners and posters

Advertisements could be anything from large poster hoardings to house nameplates, and some require consent from the council before they can be displayed.  This includes temporary advertisements for an event or activity.

All forms of advertisement are covered by the Town and Country Planning (Control of Advertisement) (England) Regulations 2007 and are subject to conditions.

Display of an advertisement without the necessary consent is an offence.

It is important to check before displaying an advertisement what conditions apply. 

Types of advertisements and their conditions are detailed in the guide for advertisers

Signs within Welwyn Garden City may also need consent under the Welwyn Garden City Estate Management Scheme.

A leaflet has also been produced by the Council and the Welwyn Garden City Town Centre Partnership to complement the guidance set out in the council's adopted Supplementary Design Guide. TheIcon for pdf Welwyn Garden City Guide to Shopfront and Advertisement Design provides  advice to the owners and occupiers of commercial buildings in Welwyn Garden City Town Centre who are considering external alterations to their shop front or new or replacement adverts and signs.  The town centre is part of a wider Conservation Area and so care needs to be taken to ensure that any new designs both respect and enhance their surroundings.

Report illegal signs

• If you think a sign, hoarding or banner has been displayed on private land without consent please complete the online Planning Enforcement Investigation Form 

• To report fly-posting on public land contact us

• Fly-posting, hoardings, banners and signs on the highway, public roads and footpaths, contact Hertfordshire County Council.