Advice on sustainable development, including 'Building Futures'.

Planning and construction standards are being raised so that the benefits of sustainable buildings, in sustainable locations, are realised.

Sustainability and Building Regulation Applications

 are changing to include requirements for sustainable new development, such as water use. You may be asked to show how sustainable your development is going to be as part of your submission. It is better to include energy and water saving features early.


Installing Solar Panels

The council is keen to promote more energy efficiency measures at a local level. One of the more common forms of renewable energy technologies for householders is the use of solar panels, either for heating hot water or for generating electricity.

In April 2008, the government clarified what does and does not need planning permission for installing householder solar panels. Stricter guidelines exist for dwellinghouses that are Listed Buildings and/or located within a Conservation areas. For further information, you are advised to look at the Planning Portal.

Consent is required from the Council if you wish to install solar panels in the Welwyn Garden City Estate Management Scheme overview Area. In this area, we encourage panels to be located on the rear and positioned to reduce the visual impact.


Construction Waste

All projects involve the production of some waste materials. Before you dispose of the waste think about how it can be recycled or re-used.

Waste needs to be removed. This is normally done by the contractor or a waste management company. The law imposes a 'duty of care' on producers of waste to ensure that waste is handled, stored and disposed of correctly. This applies to everyone involved in handling the waste; from whoever produces it to those who finally dispose of it.

Duty of Care is one of the main ways to combat flytipping.

There are some simple rules to follow if you give your waste to someone else (like a waste contractor or if a builder offers to remove it).

  • check the person can take it - ask them to produce evidence that they are authorised to carry waste. You can check online at the Public Register or by telephone 08708 506506.
  • ensure the waste goes to a proper site - licensed or exempt. Use the Waste Aware website for advice.
  • if you are a business you must give the person a transfer note - this must include a description of the waste and be signed by both of you. Keep copies of your transfer notes for a minimum of two years. Even if you are a householder it is good practice to keep transfer notes, see Defra - Waste controls and permits.

If you are a business and need to know more about protecting your environment use Recycling and Waste Management - GOV.UK