Updated September 2022

Due to objections received, the below proposals was considered along with objections and Parking Services report at Cabinet Planning and Parking Panel on WELWYN HATFIELD BOROUGH COUNCIL on 18th August 2022 at 7:30pm. Further details of the meeting can be found here: Agenda for Cabinet Planning and Parking Panel on Thursday 18th August 2022, 7.30 pm - Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council (welhat.gov.uk)

The panel considered all objections and the recommendations brought forward by Parking Services. It was agreed unanimously to introduce the resident permit zones, with hours being Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm, as well as a 24/7 verge and footway parking prohibition. The recommendation plans can be seen on the above link in Appendix G and H.

We will be writing to residents in due course once the signs and lines work has been awarded and in a position to seal the legal documents to create the parking restrictions with the correct start date, ensuring things are not rushed but correctly done. When we send letters to residents, we will give a sufficient lead time to give ALL residents within the permit zones to apply for their resident permits and visitor vouchers.

At this stage, restrictions will not start any earlier than November 2022, and projected to be installed and starting no later than March 2023.


Full details of the proposals may be viewed below:

Icon for pdf Draft TRO Zones B26-B27 Icon for pdf Draft TRO - Verge&Footway - High Dells Icon for pdf Statement of Reasons - Permit Zones B26&B27 Icon for pdf Statement of Reasons - Verge&Footway Hilltop & High Dells Icon for pdf Plan HD001 Icon for pdf Plan HD002 Icon for pdf Plan Verge/Footway High Dells Icon for pdf Notice of Intent - High Dells & Hilltop 8 June 2022


For further details of resident permit schemes, including prices and how it operates please view the following link:



Please also see https://www.welhat.gov.uk/parking/faq for more information regarding frequently asked parking questions and the type of restrictions we can introduce to help with parking issues.